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Written Component
The written component should be at least 10 pages in length (not including Table of Contents, Executive
Summary, and appendices), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1” margins.

The written component should include all of the following:
Table of Contents and Executive Summary – Give a brief overview of the most
important points from the project. Include a prognosis for the organization’s future. (5
points possible)
Background of the Company – Give a brief background of the company including
relevant history. This should also include the structure and mission of the organization. (5)
Company Research – Information about the company including, but not limited to, the
following should be provided: (35)
A. Value-added activities and value chain analysis
B.  Customer profile
C.  Competitive situation (include competitors, market info, etc.)
D. External Analysis (environmental and economic factors, Five Forces, Market Life Cycle, opportunities/threats)
E.  Internal Analysis (competitive advantage, strengths/weaknesses)
F.  Analysis of current financial situation (financial ratios, graphs/charts displaying the
current situation, opinion on the organization’s financial health
Situation Analysis – Give an in-depth analysis of the strategic issue you believe the
company is facing. What is the issue? How did this situation develop? What response has
the company had so far? (10)
Alternatives – Provide at least three strategic alternatives the company could use to
successfully navigate the situation in question based on the previous sections of the paper
and pros/cons of each. These must impact the entire organization, be a long-term
commitment, and be mutually exclusive. (15)
Recommendations – Recommend which alternative should be pursued. This should
include reasons based on previous portions of the paper or information from previous
courses. Make sure this section stays consistent with prior sections and explains why the
one you chose is better than the other two. (10) 
Implementation – Provide a plan for effective implementation of the recommended
alternative. This should include potential obstacles and how to overcome them. What
changes will be required in the organization? What resources will be needed and how will
these be allocated? How will success or failure be measured? (15)
Contingency – How should the company respond to potential issues that could arise or if
conditions change before the recommendations can be implemented? Utilize the process
discussed in class. (5)
Additional Information (Points will be deducted if not effectively addressed):
At least five outside sources in addition to company websites must be used (do not use
Wikipedia). All sources must be appropriately cited in the paper. You should include
both in-text citations and a bibliography at the end of your paper. Please use APA
format for your citations. Failure to do so will result in a larger deduction of points or
a case of academic dishonesty being filed. The paper should be well-organized and
include a table of contents. All information should flow and not have obvious distinctions
between sections. However, each section should have a heading. These can follow the
outline above and sub-headings should be included. Do not take an entire section of your
paper from a single source. For example, do not find a source that provides a Five Forces
analysis then and use that information for your entire Five Forces analysis. The paper can be
longer than 10 pages if all of the information contributes to the analysis. However, don’t use
space on filler such as definitions or lists prior to discussing topics; if the terms are applied
correctly to the company being analyzed, definitions are not necessary. Proper grammar,
punctuation, etc. should be used.

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