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Profile essay on Mohammad ali


Choose a person you want to write about. This could be someone famous like a leader, a celebrity, or someone from your everyday life. Choose a specific aspect about this person that you want to write about (for instance, their acting abilities or their abilities as a chef and so on).

Format: Your profile must include an introduction, details, and a conclusion.

You must introduce your subject, provide details of, and conclude with your overall impression of your subject.

When you introduce your subject, be sure to include background information and the specific the angle from which you are presenting your subject.

Use various details like descriptions or anecdotes to make your subject come alive. Again, show your reader; don’t tell in order to do so.

Conclude your profile by stating your overall impression of your subject. You can use an anecdote or a summary statement.

Details: Use specific examples to highlight the angle you have chosen for your subject. Build up the profile by starting with lesser episodes and gradually build to more significant ones. Use descriptions of the subject or compare the subject to others in order to achieve this.

Essay conventions: Use thesis statements and topic sentences. Use transitions to lead your readers through the profile.

Standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation: Please be sure to use formal conventions of grammar and syntax.

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