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Standardization of NaOH Report part 2

Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, justified format.

(Please do not submit anything longer than 8 pages—this is NOT a requirement, just a request to make grading easier and for me to be able to get you your feedback faster. Thank you!)

Heading (NO COVER PAGE): Name, Date, Lab Section, TA Name (Cassandra Fuller TA). Title of Experiment. (1.25 pts)

Purpose: General explanation of the purpose of the lab in your own words. 2-3 sentences. (0.75 pts)

Introduction: This section should cover the chemistry concepts(s)/theory involved in the experiment (pay attention to the Introduction page from the McGraw Hill labs—this is the information I will be expecting you to discuss in your introduction. Explain what this experiment is about and how the goal of the experiment will be accomplished. Include any important equations and what they are used for. This is NOT your methods section. DO NOT include detailed methods. This section will include many important definitions; however, you are not to simply list definitions, they need to be incorporated into the introduction in paragraph format. You can read from your textbooks to help. (Remember to use in-text citations to cite any information using ACS format!) You are also required to have AT LEAST 3 citations OTHER THAN your textbook. (5 pts)

Methods: Explain what was done in your own words. No need to list every step like in the simulation but another student reading your report should be able to repeat the experiment with your instructions. This section should be written in in paragraph format (DO NOT USE BULLET POINTS) and in third person past tense – this means that it should sound like a narrator is describing something that already happened (YOU didn’t do it, it just happened) (i.e., “The solution was allowed to boil for approximately 15 minutes.”) If any type of apparatus (experimental set-up) was used, this section should include an image or description of that set up (images are easier; this doesn’t need to be in every lab report, just where, if someone were to repeat your experiment, a diagram/image would be useful in helping to set up a complicated apparatus). An image may be directly from the McGraw Hill simulation (just take a screenshot and crop it) or it may be a similar set up from Google, either way remember to cite your images. (2 pts)

Results: All data tables, graphs, calculations, observations, and the like to should be included here. Tables and graphs should include numbers and titles (e.g., Table 1. Temperature differences in water. OR Graph 1. Temperature change of water over time.), tables and graphs should also include a brief description OTHER THAN the title. This only needs to be 2-3 sentences describing what is being observed in the table/graph. Also include any written observations in this section and any calculations. The “Equation” tool can be used in Microsoft Word to write out calculations or you may just type out your steps, please do not submit any hand-written work—IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If the same calculation is performed more than once, you only need to write out the steps you took once, then you may state that the same calculation was completed for whatever else you used it for and then just state the final result for the other calculations. Pay attention to units when performing calculation—no units will result in loss of points. Not all experiments will require calculations. (4 pt)

Discussion: This section is for interpreting your data. If there is an unknown involved in the experiment, what is your finding about the unknown? IF the true value is known, what is the percent error? Interpret your results and explain any results that were unusual or unexpected. You should reflect on any mistakes you made, how they were accounted for or resolved, and how they contributed to any error. EVEN IF YOU DID NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES, you still need to include potential sources of error and how they would have affected the experiment. Answer any questions that may have been asked during the experiment here (in paragraph format; do not write out a question and then an answer—I should be able to tell what the question may have been based on your answer statement). Citations are not required in this section, but if they are used remember to cite then using ACS format. (4 pts)

Conclusion: Your conclusion should reflect on the purpose of the experiment and whether that was accomplished. Please do not restate the purpose, I should be able to tell what the purpose was from reading your reflection. Suggest explanations for unexpected results, and where appropriate, suggest where the experiment could be improved. You may also suggest future experiments to further the knowledge gained from this experiment, or how the experiment relates to real-world issues. (2 pts)

Citations: Minimum of three different sources other than your textbook, McGraw Hill, or PHET. Use ACS format! (1 pt)

Other Notes:

Lab reports should be typed and submitted through Canvas. Anything submitted via email WILL NOT be accepted. Anything hand-written WILL NOT be accepted.

If you carried out an experiment, but failed to turn in a report, you will get a 0 for the report portion of that experiment. Late reports will lose 16% of the total point value (1.6 points for a report worth 20 points) for each day that it is late.

Copying or presenting someone else’s data as yours is considered plagiarism and academic misconduct. It can have serious consequences.

All lab reports must be submitted individually. Submitting lab reports with the exact same content is not advisable. This is considered plagiarism and academic misconduct and you can be prosecuted for this. I recognize that your data and methods will be the same or similar, however, the rest of the lab report should be different and in your own words.

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