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Netflix Case Study assignment at an affordable cost


Netflix Case Study

In this case, we learn about Netflix’s success in the entrepreneurial process of creative destruction. We also learn about the problems they face due to competition.

Write 2.5 to 3 pages explaining each of the following:
1. Netflix’s rise to prominence, focusing on creative destruction (see your notes from Week 6, Day 1)
2. Which of Netflix’s competitors is most dangerous to them? Focus on the competitor’s entrepreneurship.

3. Choose one of the possible solutions in the last paragraph on page 7. Write about why you think this is the best solution to the competitive pressure Netflix faces.

I attached the case study and the textbook below.

Below is a list of themes from the textbook that should guide you in writing your essay. You don’t need to make use of all the themes, as some will not be appropriate or relevant.

Supply & Demand Fundamentals

Market Incentives from Outside the Firm

Market Incentives Within the Firm

Competition from Substitutes

Problems with Complements
Role of Market Frictions
Role of Prices

Changes in Monopoly Power

Firm vs Market

Labor Market Conditions

Complementarity of Capital Assets
Asset Specificity

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