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New Group Proposal – Part 3: Evaluation


The purpose of this assignment is to build on the New Group Proposal Parts 1 & 2. As a reminder, you are using the information from the first two parts to inform the information and direction provided in this assignment. 

For this assignment, you will plan one aspect for your group:  Evaluation

You will be expected to identify information with clarity and continuity. You should complete this part of the assignment as if they are writing a proposal to an agency, explaining the details of the group. 

Requirement for assignment:

1. APA format

2. Length: 1-2 pages (cannot exceed 4 pages)

3. The questions listed for each part are answered with appropriate rationale for your proposal.

Part 3: Planning the Evaluation Process (CO 6)

  1. Will you have a formal or informal evaluation? Include a copy of the evaluation as an addendum to the paper and cite the source if you are using something already created
  2. How will you measure the success of the group?  Describe.
  3. What tools/assessment have you researched to help with the group evaluation? Describe how these tools will be effective.
  4. How will you involve the members in giving feedback on the group experience?

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