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Non-government organisation Assignment at an Affordable Cost

You may choose any company, non-profit or nongovernmental organization (NGO) anywhere in Canada or the world that you are interested in determining whether the organization is exhibiting socially responsible behaviours. In other words, when it comes to social responsibility, what is your assessment of the organization’s track record? NOTE: Try to stay away from the global ‘usual suspects’ that have been over researched (i.e., Mc Donald’s, Tim Hortons, Lululemon, etc.,).


1. For your selected organization, you must undertake a comprehensive analysis of its social responsibility activities, starting with a detailed background description of the selected organization.

2. The required analysis must apply as much course material as possible, drawing from the relevant lecture material as well as other secondary sources of information relating to the selected organization.

3. Note that it is expected and required that you conduct secondary research from on-line sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic reference for this assignment.

4. Without being prescriptive, your assignment should consider, among other things in the context of corporate social responsibility, the organization’s key socially responsible activities and programs, its work with other civil society organizations, business and government, its ethical practices, its key stakeholders, its interaction or partnership (if any) with government – and, in your view, how effective are these activities and where they could be improved.

5. It is expected that considerable effort will be made on researching the organization; this could be time consuming. You are encouraged to ensure the organization chosen provides sufficient published material that will enable the completion of the assignment.

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