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Observation of Some Dancing Lessons Whitewater Field Notes


whitewater Field notes 

1) Conduct a 30-minute observation of a public area on campus where there are people
doing something.
2) While making jottings, capture enough detail that will allow you to describe the
physical and social setting, i.e., where and whom you are observing.
3) Use your jottings to write expanded field notes on the full 30-minute observation.
4) At the end of your expanded field notes, please include the following:
a. An analytical memo that discusses what you think was happening in what you
observed (you are welcome to write an integrative analytical memo that makes
connections with your previous observations).
b. A methodological memo that assesses how you think you are doing collecting
observational data. (Things you might consider include: any difficulties you are
having, your confidence in the data you are collecting, things you think you are
doing well, places you think would be good to observe, etc.)

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