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Oceanography Article Review Assignment at an affordable cost


1. Find an article from a news source that discusses an oceanographic subject (e.g. oceanographic hazards, El NiƱo news, oil and gas updates or discoveries, climate change, oceanographic research, etc.) You may use the internet or any media, newspaper, magazine, etc.

The article needs to be about RECENT RESEARCH and should have been published within the last two months.

2. Write a response
Your response should include the following information:

1) The news source

2) The article title

3) The author of the article

4) Who is responsible for the primary research that is being reported on (what person or persons did the research and what institution are they affiliated with?)

5) What problems or questions are being addressed by the research?

6) Generally, what type of methods did they use to address these questions?

7) What were the important findings of the research?

8) How might these findings impact you?