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Oligopoly market structure, pricing strategies, and interdependence


After reading the assigned chapter for this week and the articles below, answer the following questions with sufficient detail. Please make sure to apply your knowledge of Oligopoly market structure, pricing strategies, and interdependence.

1. To What Extent Are Amazon And Google Competitors? identify and discuss the possible areas where the two companies compete.

2. In the competition between Google and Amazon, in what areas is Google more likely to win, and in what areas is Amazon more likely to win?

3. In what way Google And Amazon’s Competition Is A Win For Smaller E-Commerce Companies?

4. What are the major lessons for managers who make decisions that affect, and are affected, by the decisions of rivals?

General Assignment Instructions

When you complete each assignment, you will do the following in order to provide an in-depth response that fully answers the question.  

An in-depth response to a question typically involves:

  • Analyzing the question
  • Introducing, defining, and correctly applying key relevant concepts
  • Connecting the question and concepts to other concepts in the course and/or the textbook and other outside sources
  • Illustrating the response with examples and/or graphs, tables, or charts

Support your major arguments with credible sources, when appropriate for the question.  The sources may be scholarly articles or reputable business periodicals. The articles should directly relate to managerial economics.  Do not use Wikipedia or Investopedia as your sources.

Follow APA style formatting, including a 12-point font and double spacing.  Your response should include a cover page. When citing sources, a References section and in-text citations are required.  Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout.

Generally, your combined responses to all questions should be 6-7 pages, not including the cover page and reference section).

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Other articles:

1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanpettijohn/2018/09/20/google-and-amazons-competition-is-a-win-for-smaller-e-commerce-companies/#2c71f2ab314f

2. https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/19/google-plans-to-boost-amazon-competitors-in-search/