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organizational Levels Relevant to The Fulfillment Process Discussion

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1. Briefly discuss the organizational levels relevant to the fulfillment process. Be sure to explain the relationships among the various levels.

2. What is a distribution chain? How is it relevant to the fulfillment process?

3. Explain the relationships among the following organizational levels: sales organization, distribution channel, division, and sales area.

4. What is a credit control area? Explain the difference between a centralized and a decentralized model of credit control areas.

5. Briefly discuss the master data relevant to the fulfillment process.

6. Explain the relationship between the master data and organizational data in the fulfillment process.

7. Describe, with examples, the data in the three segments of a customer master.

8. At what organizational levels are the material master defined as it relates to the fulfillment process? Provide examples of data in the material master.

9. Explain the role of each partner function in the fulfillment process.

10. What is the purpose of a customer-material info record? Provide examples of the types of data it contains.

11. How is pricing determined in the fulfillment process? Provide examples of data relevant to pricing.

12. What is the credit management master record? How is it related to the customer master record?

13. Describe the steps in the fulfillment process in terms of triggers, data, steps, and outcomes.

14. Describe the structure of the following documents a. Sales order b. Delivery document c. Billing document

15. Explain the relationship between each of the following pairs of key elements of the fulfillment process:

a. Quotations and sales orders

b. Sales orders and deliveries

c. Deliveries and transfer orders

d. Deliveries and billing documents

16. Explain how the steps in the fulfillment process impact the general ledger accounts.

17. How do companies manage payments that are less than the amount of the invoice?

18. Briefly describe the credit management process. Which steps of the fulfillment process are relevant to credit management?

19. Briefly explain how the fulfillment process is integrated with other processes.

20. What is a document flow?