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Pain managment Assignment at an Affordable Cost


I have to talk only about the pain management. The paper it has to be written as you are presenting with simple communication that I do not have to change anything Can you provide me 7 bullet points and the assignment that they follow the presentation smoothly You are a nurse caring for a 73-year-old farmer who was brought to your emergency department via ambulance after she fell while caring for her chickens. The external rotation of her left foot indicates the high likelihood that she fractured her left hip with the fall. As you prepare her for surgery, you note that the health care provider has ordered the insertion of a urinary catheter. Orders include keeping the patient NPO. No allergies reported. The surgeon is speaking with the patient about surgery. PMH includes COPD and Hypertension. VS= 99 F, 80, 22, 140/90, 93% RA, pain 5/10. 

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