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Paralegals should be excluded in LSAT exams


Write an essay of 650+ words (2.5+ pages) that takes a position regarding an arguable issue. The essay must

  • Introduce an issue, providing background information for an uniformed reader, using content from reliable sources to create a clear context for your argument.
  • Include a clearly stated thesis sentence that indicates your position regarding the issue.
  • Support that thesis effectively with evidence from reliable resources, including quotations, paraphrases, or summaries from the articles and indicating the ways that these authors may agree or disagree with each other.
  • Refute other arguments against the stand you have taken, carefully stating and evaluating the opposing authors’ positions.
  • Draw an informed conclusion based on all the items listed above.
  • Include correct MLA citations inside the paper and at the end in a Works Cited.
  • Be written in strong sentences with correct English usage.

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