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Parent Statement – High School Admission

Hi, This is a Parent statement for private high school admission(Name: Bellarmine in San Jose).

Here is the link for the school:

Bellarmine requires a parent/guardian statement that is considered an important component of the application.
The purpose of the statement is to give parents/guardians the opportunity to articulate why they want their son to attend Bellarmine.*

Please limit your response to 500 words.

My son is in 8th grade in public school and is a gifted child. He has been in public school throughout. His interest are in Math, Coding/Programming, Sports (Basketball/Swimming) and has achieved several recognitions in these
fields. He inspires to get admission in good University and thinks that this school will help him. He wants to
become entrepreneur when he grows up, so learning Leadership skills at this school will help. School has lot to
offer for his overall development.

We are Catholics and this is a Catholic school, so it aligns with our beliefs.

Above are some of points why we as parent think he should attend this school. You can find school information on the link pro

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