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Many APRN nursing regulations differ on a state-by-state basis. I currently live in the state of Tennessee. One regulation that I was not aware of is the fact that all of the states in the U.S. are broken down into different regions under the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. For instance, Tennessee is a part of AANP region 4, which includes: Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, and South Carolina (AANP). This differs from my home state of Georgia which is part of region 11 with Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (AANP). Another regulation I found was the difference in scope nurse practitioners have from state to state. In Tennessee, Nurse Practitioners must work under the supervision of a doctor. However, in several states, including Oregon, Nurse Practitioners can work independently (ANA). As a Nurse Practitioner, it is very important to understand what region you practice in. This knowledge will ensure that state regulations and rules are strictly adhered to. Furthermore, Nurse Practitioners should understand that in some states they can even have their own practice (NCSBN).


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Post #2

 All nurses, regardless of credentials, have a set of regulations that they must follow in practice. These regulations are overseen by the Boards of Nursing (BON) specific to each state. The job of the BON is to ensure the safety of the public by defining the scope of practice of its nurses and making sure they adhere to the nurse practice act (Milstead and Short, 2019). Although there can be similarities in regulations between Boards of Nursing, there are also significant differences. This discussion will compare the regulations for APRNs in North Carolina, governed by the BON and a medical board, and Florida, which the BON only governs.

     After reviewing both states’ BON, some differences in regulations stood out to me. One was the amount of CEUs required to maintain licensure, and the other was prescription ability. In the state of North Carolina, where I work, an APRN is required to complete, each year, 50 hours of continuing education with 20 hours representing their primary focus (NCBON, n.d.). Whereas in Florida, only 24 hours of continued education are required over a two-year period (Florida Board of Nursing, n.d.). The need for continued education is important to all nurses, so they keep up with new guidelines and practices in their specific field. An APRN is required to understand and complete the requirements prior to license renewal. If the requirements are not met, the license would be placed on inactive status. 

     The second difference between the two states was focused on prescribing controlled substances. An APRN will be seeing patients with multiple, complex issues with possible complaints of acute/chronic pain, which may require a controlled substance. In Florida, an APRN cannot prescribe controlled substances even though they are working under medical supervision (Florida Board of Nursing, n.d.). This is not so in North Carolina, where APRNs are granted the ability to prescribe controlled substances. However, if doing so, they must complete one hour of continued education yearly on these medications (NCBON, n.d.). Not having the capability to prescribe controlled substances could be problematic for some practitioners since the supervising doctor would be required to prescribe the needed medication. 

     Although BON has many components that are similar in nature, there are differences from state to state that can affect the practice ability of APRNs. Practitioners must follow state regulations and understand what their scope of practice entails. Adhering to these guidelines is required to maintain licensure and ensure patient care is safely provided. 

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