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Performance Task Assignment Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Performance Task Assignment:

Aries Curriculum Expression (ACE) is a curriculum design company that specializes in designing curriculum for Middle School and High School students. Your position at ACE is as a curriculum consultant who meets with local school boards to suggest curriculum reform. Your specialty is the discipline of Sociology.

Recently, the Madison County School System has decided to reform the high school curriculum designed to give students a better understanding of how people interact, the impact of institutions in society, and social inequality. With this in mind, the Board is considering devoting a semester to Sociology. However, some Board members are reluctant to add these topics to the curriculum believing time is better spent on traditional STEM subjects.

At the next Board meeting, the Board wishes to know the following: 

1)  How does sociology encourage critical thinking? How does it relate to the sociological imagination. 

2) How does Sociology help students in personal interaction – what do we learn about people? 

3)  How do institutions impact peoples’ lived experiences? 

4)  What does sociology inform us about social inequality? 

5)   What would a curriculum designed by Ace look like? How would you outline the course?

Your job as a consultant is to sell Sociology as a High School subject.

By completing this assignment, you will: 

A. Synthesize the components of the discipline and create a practical application in a real-world scenario.

B. Develop an understanding of the skill set needed to present convincing arguments to individuals unfamiliar with the discipline.

C. Critically analyze the value of Sociological approaches in providing greater understanding of the phenomenon that impact the everyday lives of an individual in a society.

Format: 3-4 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1” margins, 12-point font, and use either ASA/APA/MLA reference style. Up to 5 points will be deducted for not following formatting guidelines.

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