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Personal relationship wellness philosophy Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Write an intro paragraph stating what you intend to accomplish in this paper.

Address the first Question about “The resources you have or can acquire to meet the challenges in life”. Reference at least three (3) resources that support healthy relationships. Additionally, discuss three (3) resources that will help you become successful in your relationships(incorporate the strength areas from AWARE Pre-test and Post-test results). Use additional learning activities from what you have learned this semester.

Address the second Question “Preparing for Challenges” to identify at least three (3) challenges that can compromise healthy relationships (cite your sources). Additionally, identify at least three (3) problems that might occur in the future with your close relationships. Use chapter pages in the textbook that might describe helpful strategies to deal with these problems. Make sure you explain how and why these strategies (from the textbook) might be useful. Lastly, incorporate the growth areas from your AWARE pre and post-test results.

Conclude with a summation of what you have learned and how you will use this information going forward in your next course

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