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Personal Statement Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsSubmit a 3-4 page, focused, narrative about yourself as a prospective counseling psychology professional resulting in a clear and comprehensive profile which indicates: focus and coherency, writing skills, personal and social insight, perspective, and commitment regarding your graduate study leading to an MS degree and eligibility to pursue licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). It should describe these areas in relation to the following topics. Use the following topics as subheadings. This is a formal paper so do not write a “chatty,” conversational statement. This formal paper must be written in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and have 1-inch margin on all sides. Use the following item headings as subheadings in your personal statement.  
• Background: Describe how your experiences with family, friends, education, work, and leisure have contributed to your being a desirable candidate for entrance into the Counseling Psychology profession.   
• Career Perceptions and Goals: Describe your perceptions and knowledge of the Counseling Psychology roles and functions. Include the setting, relationships with other disciplines, and activities you expect to be doing in this career area. 
• Strengths and Areas to Improve: Describe yourself candidly in terms of your strengths and improvement areas regarding emotional, social, intellectual, and productive activities.  
• Influential Factors: What experiences, people, and information have influenced your decision to select the Counseling Psychology profession?  
• CSULB decision: How did you hear about the CSULB Counseling Psychology program and what made you decide on this particular Counseling Psychology program? 

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