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Philosophies of Life Assignment at an Affordable Cost



Due Date: Nov. 27 (Saturday) by 11:59 PM

Upload document to Canvas (use .pdf or .doc file).

Length 1200-1500 words.

Double-Spaced, 12-Point font, Times New Roman (or similar).

Value: 20% of Final Grade

Essay Instructions:

Choose one of the four following essay questions. Please read the instructions very carefully. Each question will ask that you criticize an article. Remember to be charitable and fair: do not to attack a straw man version of the argument.

  1. Do you think abortion is generally permissible, or do you think abortion is generally wrong (except in rare circumstances)? If you think the former, explain Don Marquis argument in “Why Abortion is Immoral” and criticize the argument. If you think the latter, explain Judith Jarvis Thomson’s argument in “A Defence of Abortion” and criticize her argument
  1. Introduction to the problem (~100 words).
  2. Detailed explanation of argument you will criticize (~ 500 words).
  3. Detailed criticism of the argument explained in II (~ 500 words).
  4. Raise objections to your own argument and defeat those objections (~ 300 words).
  5. Draw some conclusions (~100 words).

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