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Philosophy Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Palmer Assignments A, B, C

  • ALL to be completed in one day
  • Total for all Palmer assignments is 2000 words
  1. Palmer Reading and Seminar Paper:
    1. 400 word essay
    1. Use only sections 1,2 and 6!!!
  • Palmer on Intellectual Property: Discussion
    • Draft a discussion entry 200 words
    • Comment on (3) classmate discussion entries: 50-200 words each
      • You can be a smart-ass but nice in doing so.
  • Palmer vs Mossoff Midterm Review
    • (4) Questions totaling 1000 words, 250 on average:
      • Why does Palmer feel that labor-desert (aka Lockean) justifications for property rights do not hold for intellectual property rights?
      • From the reading, “Why Intellectual Property Rights? A Lockean Justification” by Mossoff.  Explain why Mossoff believes that IP rights should be considered as property.
      • Explain Palmer’s view on intellectual property rights and how this compares to Mossoff’s views on intellectual property rights. 
      • How, in Palmer’s view, does coordinating solutions to problems of scarcity figure in property rights and IP?

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