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Plastco Packaging Compensation Strategy Paper



Review the Plastco Packaging case in the Appendix of your textbook:

Long, R. J. (2018) Strategic compensation in Canada (6th ed.). Toronto, ON: Nelson Education.

The company was surprised to discover that the individual employees have decided to decertify and no longer be unionized. The company now has to develop a new compensation strategy.

  • In a written paper of approximately 4–5 pages in length (approximately 1,200–1,400 words), develop a compensation strategy to:

1) define the required behaviour,

2) define the role of compensation within the organization, and

3) determine the compensation mix.

Hint: Your compensation strategy should include these three headings.

Your plan will address the compensation for the following three positions found within the case.

Six Bag-Making Machine Operators

Plant Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Inspectors / Packers

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