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Poem response analysis Assignment at an Affordable Cost


The assignment is described in the Syllabus. The assignment is: each week, read ALL the works assigned on the Schedule of Assignments for that week. Each week, choose FOUR works that you want to respond to. Write a paragraph about each work. In that paragraph, tell me what you think or feel about the works you’ve chosen. You can ask questions. It’s okay not to completely understand the work: just show me that you’ve read it and have something to say about it. Don’t try to craft your Response into a “mini-essay”; these are more informal than that. If the works in a particular week don’t appeal to you, you can go back to a previous week or forward to a future week for your Responses. Edit and proofread your Responses carefully.

Submit all four paragraphs together, as one document, but numbered separately, 1-4. DON’T SUBMIT UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL FOUR. SUBMIT THEM AS ONE MICROSOFT WORD OR PDF DOCUMENT, ALL FOUR TOGETHER.

I will attach a picture of 4 poems you can choose from and write a response of about 5-6 sentences for each of the poems

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