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Politeness and Communication Accommodation Theory Essay

Paper instructions

The reflection paper you will be asked to submit is a 3-4 page paper in which you select twotheories discussed this semester and attach relevant real-life examples to the theories discussed. Your discussion of the selected theories should demonstrate your informed understanding of each theory, and your examples (you must have 2 per theory), can be either your own experience with these theories, or you may describe how you see examples of these theories manifested in our community as you have observed in daily life or in television and/or movies. It is required that you include at least 10 additional outside of class scholarly references. Be sure to include applicable headings, correct word usage, spelling, and grammar, edit for coherence and flow, and be sure to reach (and stay within) the length requirement.

First, you must select two theories that we covered in class and use the assumptions of each theory to explain your included examples. How would the theory account for certain behaviors in relationships? What would the theory suggest as a means of addressing this behavior? To accomplish this task, you should first summarize the assumptions of the theory. Then, link those assumptions to aspects of your examples to explain how the theory accounts for those examples.

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