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Political Parties and Rules Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Instructions(No in text citations needed)


Imagine you’re the leader of a governing party in an advanced democracy and you’d like to keep your party in power for the next few years, at least. What one rule / law would you most want to have in place to give your party the best chance of winning the next election? Why?

NB: This isn’t a policy choice, e.g. “I’d want to promote [popular policy],” but a specific type of rule or law that affects voting and/or elections, e.g. laws about who can vote and rules about election timing.

In your answer:

  • Explain any assumptions you’re making, if applicable (e.g. that you’re assuming you’re the leader of party A or in country B)
  • Draw on at least two of the W11 readings of your choice
  • Discuss at least one example from an advanced democracy that either illustrates the law / rule you’d like to have in place or a rule you’d like to avoid

At the end of your response, if you use news stories, include links to the news stories you used as sources; full citations aren’t needed. The news sources should be appropriate for scholarly work and the stories should be hard news, not opinion pieces.

W11 Readings:

  • Richard Katz (2005), “Why Are There So Many (or So Few) Electoral Reforms?” In Gallagher & Mitchell, eds., The Politics of Electoral Systems
  • William Hicks et al. (2014), “A Principle or a Strategy? Voter Identification Laws and Partisan Competition in the American States,” Political Research Quarterly 68(1)
  • Michael Becher et al. (2017), “Prime ministers and the electoral cost of using the confidence vote in legislative bargaining: evidence from France,” West European Politics 40(2)
  • Petra Schleiter and Margit Tavits (2018), “The Electoral Benefits of Opportunistic Election Timing,” Journal of Politics

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