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Polynomial Functions TestAssignment at an Affordable Cost

Knowledge& Understanding (25 marks)

  1. Circle if the following is a polynomial function. (4 marks)
    a) p(x) = sin x b) h(x) = -7

c) f(x) = 2
d) y= –

  • 4
    – 3
    e) y = -4 f) k(x) =
    g) y =
    h) p(x)=- 3
  • 2
  • 1
  1. For the following graph, do the following questions. (5 marks)
    a) State whether the function has even degree or odd degree.
    b) State whether the leading coefficient is positive or negative.
    c) State the domain and range.
    d) Describe the end behavior.
    e) Determine the number of x-intercept.
    f) Determine the number of y-intercept.
    g) State the total number of local maximum and local minimum points.
    h) Determine if the function has the minimum or maximum point.
  2. State the degree of polynomial function that corresponds to constant finite difference. Then, determine
    the value of the leading coefficient of the polynomial. (5 marks)
     fourth differences = -24
  3. Which binomials are factors of Please circle if they are factors of p(x).
    Show all y

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