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Pope Leo X and the Italian Renaissance

Research Paper: Pope Leo X and the Italian Renaissance


40 points will be based on the quality of research. Every paper begins with research that is thorough and discerning. Primary source references are crucial in receiving all the research points. They should include classic and recent references. Periodical references enhance the quality. Internet references reduce the quality unless they are quality e-books and eminent periodicals. Begin with the bibliography provided below as well as that found in the texts. There are books on reserve for this class in the library.
50 points will be based on logic, organization, and flow. This includes the outline, main body, and conclusion. The work should be free of colloquialisms, personal references, “preacher talk”, and poor grammar. It should be free of run-on sentences of more than 18 words. Be clear and succinct. Critical analysis augments the paper. In addition, prove the point of your paper.
10 points for the writing style and form that is based on the current 9th edition of Turabian. Proper footnoting is essential. General Principle: If you didn’t know it, before you wrote it, then reference it with a footnote. This would mean that every paragraph should have at least one footnote, even if you’re summarizing material. You must indicate where you found the information. See the section on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism belo

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