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Poverty and Childhood Critical Reflection


Over the course of this semester, you will be engaging in four critical reflections. Each of these allows you to reflect on the content you have read and apply it. All critical reflections must use sophisticated, academic arguments. You can incorporate personal experience or examples but it must beperson standing in front of body of water related back to key concepts or topics we have discussed and must be supported with ideas from our class. These reflections aim to give you a chance to think critically about this class, how your readings challenge your understandings of the world, what you have learned, and how each week’s content builds or contrasts other weeks.

For your second critical reflection please choose one of the following options:

1) Please identify and describe one method of informal and one method of formal social control that aim to prevent the same type of behavior. Be sure to describe the behavior they target in detail. Which do you think is more effective at reducing deviant/criminal behavior? Why? If you choose this option you are required to create a visual aid that demonstrates the two types of social control methods and their impact on the behavior. This can be an infographic, a report, a comparative diagram, or anything else that visually supports your understanding of the topic.  

2) Please explain how sexual politics operates in our society. What is one current example you can provide of where these politics define sexuality and create inequalities based on sexual orientation or preference. Please give thorough explantations of these concepts and tie your example into the readings for this week. If you choose this option you will need to submit a news paper article in which you take on the role of a reporter who is reporting on the incident that occurred. You will need to be able to use the concepts from class to explain them to a global audience. This means your article must be engaging but also understood by the general public. Please format this in a creative way where you present an article similar to what you would read in a well-known magazine. 

3) Please reflect on the information and video presented on poverty and childhood. How did seeing the impact of poverty on childhood challenge or change your understanding of other social problems? Please be specific and explain. What do you think we can do to help reduce the impact of poverty for children? In you choose this option you must create a brochure or a pamphlet to accompany your reflection. This must include a breakdown of the impact of poverty on children and how it can been seen as a broader social issue that connects to other aspects of an individual’s life. 

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