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Practice Orientation Essay Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Read the following and consider all you have learned this semester to offer a reflection of approximately 200-400 words outlining your personal practice orientation in working with individuals. 

“The relationships therapists develop with clients are governed by their feelings and beliefs. If we believe that people have the ability to deal effectively with their problems, we focus on discovering and changing whatever constrains their inborn abilities. If on the other hand, we believe that people have problems because they lack something – whether that something is a strong ego, a workable understanding of the problem, a nurturing parent or mate, skills training or brain chemistry – then we try to give clients what they lack with interpretations, information, teaching, directives, reframes, re-parenting or medication. These constitute two very different approaches with clients. The difference is one of emphasis over the course of minute-to-minute interactions and the therapist’s overall view of human motivation.” — Richard Schwartz

Respond to the following: 

A. What is your view of human motivation? 

B. Which theoretical approach/modality for working with individuals covered this semester are you most drawn to and why? 

C. How will you apply that approach/modality with the population you want to work with in the future?  

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