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Presentation of Film Sydney Freeland Drunktown’s Finest


Film:   Drunktown’s Finest by Sydney Freeland 
Questions to include within powerpoint:
1. Identify the director and his/her tribal nation
2. Identify the producer and his/her tribal nation
3. Identify the actors and their tribal nations
4. Identify the production company and the date the movie was produced
5. Identify the main characters . What are the tribal nation affiliations of the Native characters and the national affiliations
6. Identify the relationships between the main characters 
7. Identify the setting of the movie: time(s) and location(s) 
8. Provide a brief plot summary
9. Explain what you have learned about the native people/nation whose story is being presented
10. Explaon if and in what ways the director and the actors have collaborated to decolonize

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