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Principals’ leadership styles assignment at an affordable cost

Principals’ leadership styles influence on their implementation of disciplinary practices, codes


Race, Class and Gender (ism) Research Paper
The research paper is an opportunity to learn more about the research topic of interest to you.  For this research paper, you will draw upon race, class and gender concepts and literature that we have explored in class and will extend your inquiry beyond the scope of our work together this semester.  You will demonstrate how one or more of the “isms” impact your research interest topic. This assignment is designed to enable you to research/investigate one or more ‘ism’ within your area of research for your dissertation.  You are to select a topic area for research interest if unsure of the area of research for the dissertation.  Within the broad topic of interest area, you will narrow the focus for this research interest paper.  A review of literature related to the focused research topic must be conducted.  The research paper should reflect critical thinking to include (but not limited to) analysis, synthesis, research, and evaluation.  Use APA 7th edition. The paper should minimally be 10 pages in length, excluding the Abstract, Title Page, and Reference section of the paper.  The paper should have at least eight (8) bibliographic references from a variety of reference sources. There should be minimally eight (8) reference citations reflecting the selected bibliographic references. Do not cite any references that you have not included a reference citation in the content of the research paper.  The research interest paper should generally follow the proposed outline below: Title PageAbstractIntroduction of TopicThesisSignificanceLiterature ReviewRelevance to Interest Research AreaAnalysisSynthesisSummaryConclusionImplicationsRecommendations for further studyReference
Sources should be no older than five years old (i.e., 2016-2021).Please avoid using anthropomorphisms.Please refrain from using a word twice in the same sentence.

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