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Programming Java Tasks assignment at an affordable cost

Task 3:

eXtra is a great Services providing different items to customer. Consider that a customer is

buying any four types of items from eXtra store, where each items has a fixed price on it. After choosing

the items, the customer has to go to the cashier and can ask any of the following services:

Please note that you have to choose the four items of your choice with some appropriate prices

available in the eXtra store.

  1. Make a new purchase: The cashier enters the number of items for each type of items then the

program calculates the total price, apply a VAT of 5% and displays the total amount to pay the


  1. Check the price of one item: The cashier enters the code of the item and the program displays

its price.

You are requested to write the Java program that completes the following:

a) Displays the menu of services as specified above and asks the user of his/her service choice.

b) Based on the customer choice, the program executes one of the tasks specified in the previous

list of services.

i. Make a new purchase.

ii. Check the price of one item

iii. Displays an error message if the choice is not one of the previous options.

Please note that you have to choose the four products available in the retail store with their prices.

Please find below some examples of execution: (Photos attached)

Draw a Flow Chart for the senario given in task 3, the diagram must be drawn using suitalble software.

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