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Critical Thinking – Propaganda Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Hi,I have this essay, but I didn’t get a good grade on it. Please help me to rewrite this essay. This is one of my final essays, THank you so much!!!
The files I sent prolly have the comment. Can you check what my professor wants, and improve it. 
This is the last comment my Professor noted for me: (Huy, it seems that you were a bit confused about the goal of this assignment. This was a textual analysis of a piece of propaganda, so the only source you should be including is your work of propaganda. You are then determining how the piece is using tools of manipulation and whether You think it is justified or not. This seemed to be largely a summary of other sources on a historical moment. You don’t want to provide a history of the propaganda. You will need to revise this, and I encourage you to meet with me to do so.)

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