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Psychology Essay assignment at an affordable cost




Discuss psychoanalytic approaches to personality and behavior

Assignment Overview

This web research assignment explores major contributions to personality development theories in the area of psychoanalytic approaches.


A summary of research

Step 1 Explore the various offshoots of psychoanalytic theory online and choose one theory to review.

Step 2 Access the readings Personality Development Theories and this articlePsychodynamic ApproachesYou are reading these articles to find information about the psychologists that developed theories that were based on Freud’s original beliefs, but they were different than Freud. Once you have found a name of one of the psychologists do more research on him or her and write a paper based on that research.

Important: This paper is NOT about Freud. It is about ONE of the many theories that are offshoots of Freud’s original psychoanalytic theory, such as Jung, Horney, and Erikson. More recent offshoots include object-relations theory and self-psychology. But there are others!

WARNING: If you write about Freud you will have to redo the paper.

Step 3 Summarize your chosen theory and theorist.

Write a summary of your findings on the theory and theorist you selected. Describe clearly and briefly how personality development occurs according to your chosen theory. Make sure you cite your sources.

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