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Psychology Social Inequality in Roma Film Essay

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  1. Social stratification is the categorization of people based on a number of socioeconomic factors. Social stratification may lead to social inequality because some groups of people have more access to resources, power, and status than others. We can see examples of social stratification and inequality in many television shows, movies, or documentaries.
    In this assignment, you will watch a production and describe the social stratification and inequality that you observe.
    Watch 30–60 minutes of a production from current media that illustrates examples of social stratification and inequalities, such as a recent sitcom, drama, movie, or documentary.
    Note: Contact your instructor for approval if you are unsure if a certain media production fits the assignment.
    Take notes while you watch to record examples of the behavior patterns that reflect social stratification and inequality.
    Write a paper in which you discuss the show or film as it relates to race, gender, and social class stratification. Do the following:
    • Describe the show or film you selected, including a brief summary of the plot and setting of the story.
    • Describe at least 2 examples of social inequalities that you observed. Which social structures or norms could have contributed to these inequalities?
    • Explain the theoretical perspective—functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism—that you used to explain the social inequalities. Explain your reasons for choosing this perspective.
    • Describe the connections between the social stratification of class, race, and gender you observed in the show or film and the ways that it represents inequality in our society.

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