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PTSD Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


“Helping Vets with PTSD” —

“CNN: Some Women Return from War with PTSD” —

“Female Veterans Coping with PTSD” —

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In this module we’ve learned that a condition like PTSD may have effects that range beyond those symptoms exhibited by the affected person and that with any physical or mental health condition our identities play a role in how symptoms manifest and in how amenable we are to treatment.


Using only the material in this module, discuss how at least three different identities or statuses (e.g., sex, veteran, age) might interact to make a condition like PTSD either more complicated or perhaps more navigable (that is, harder or easier to live with and treat) and to affect family and loved ones. You may reference characters in ODAAT or you may think more generally. Your post should include responses to the following prompts in three paragraphs.

  • Identify the three identities/statuses and define each of them.
  • Describe how the three identities/statuses might interact to make a condition like PTSD more complicated or perhaps more navigable for the affected person.
  • Describe how that same interaction of identities/statuses might affect family and loved ones.

Tips for Success

  • For some ideas, go back to the “What We’ll Do in This Module” section and consider the examples I provided related to ODAAT.

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