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Race as a Social Construct Essay


Watch the Podcast:

NPR Podcast: Invisibilia: What Does “Race is a Social Construct” Actually Mean? (Links to an external site.) (1:02:22)

Then answer the questions below

  1. What percentage of race would you classify as rooted in nature (genetics) versus what percentage is rooted in culture? Give me two numbers that add up to 100%. Clearly indicate which number is which, and why you picked those percentages.
  2. Should people have the ability to select the race they want to identify with most? Why or why not?
    1. If so, should other people be permitted to contest some people’s choice and on what basis or criterion?
    2. If not, then who gets to determine racial categories (the Census? Lawmakers? Doctors? Biologists? Companies like 23andMe? Your friends and family? People with a good “race-dar” [like a gaydar for race]?) and on what basis or criterion?

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