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Racial Threat Theory Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Similar to your prospectus, there are four components to your final paper that are necessary.

1.     Theory

  1. What is the underlying motivation of your project?
  2. How is it important and relevant to politics?
  3. Is it context specific? Or is your theory more generalizable?
    1. Worth 25%

2.     Connection to previous work

  1. What are the connections of your project to previous work?
  2. How is it building on this other work?
  3. Is it contesting other work?
    1. Worth 25%

3.     Hypotheses

  1. What are your expectations?
  2. Are these expectations moderated by certain characteristics (education, gender, etc.)?
  3. Are they context specific?
    1. Worth 25%

4.     Proposed design

  1. How do you propose to investigate your question(s)?
  2. Describe your project.
  3.  Connect your project to hypotheses (i.e. what are you using to test your hypotheses).
    1. Worth 25% 

 Main Source: The Spatial and Demographic Determinants of Racial Threat* Joshua N. Zingher, Binghamton University M. Steen Thomas, Binghamton University

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