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Analyze Rashomon (1950) and how it reflects Cynicism



Discuss movie and philosophy and connect the characters with the entrance of the begger and the leaving of the wood cutter.


Immanuel Kant

-we are by nature intensely prone to corruption

-use of reason over religion

-categorical imperative

Friedrich Nitzche

-own up to envy (christian – shame; buddhist/shinto – ?)

-don’t be a christian (religious), because it can create a false safety net for poor action.

-don’t consume alcohol; console oneself with drugs or religion

-god is dead; philosophy and the arts should drive moral education

Cynicism (Rashomon is cynicism)

-the system is rigged and driven by greed

-inner emotional compulsion to protect themselves against disappointment

-driven by psychological trauma from poverty and social injustice

-can a cynic’s views be changed with kindness

-motivated by self interest


–“Poverty is due to the moral failings of those who suffer from it”

–“nothings changed” “the game is rigged”

Nihilism (Rashomon is not nihilist but addressed with the monk)

-brought forth by conflicting ideas (Christianity vs darwin/science)

-how does this apply to Rashomon?

-morality doesn’t matter because there is no life after death…


-growing out of your own beliefs

-why? why is anything?

-there is no why…

-not pessimistic, simply there is no good or evil

-not cynic or apathetic

The following should be evaluated by their story and strengthened by the natural elements of the grove and the courtroom

Characters and their different stories’

-Bandit (Hubris)

-Maiden (selfishness)

-Wood Cutter (cynic?)

-wealthy dude (social status quo)

Bring up the meaning of the gate that these two are sitting at and their place in society

Characters used to evaluate society and character

-beggar (cynic)

-monk (a challenge against nihilism)

Whom do you choose to be, the woodcutter or the beggar?

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