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History of Recorded Music Midterm


Hi all- your midterm paper is as follows:

– write 4+ pages on a musical artist of your choice from the 1950s

– discuss how your chosen artist broke new ground in their chosen genre (e.g. comparing Hard Bop or Cool Jazz to previous jazz, comparing early Rock + Roll to previous blues music, comparing post-WWII serialism to previous modern classical)

– discuss if/how emerging studio technology (tape, reverb, echo, multitracking, overdubbing, etc) played a role in the artist’s recording

– discuss how your chosen artist was influential on musicians who came after them

– some artists who might prove useful for this: Les Paul, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Halim El-Dabh, Pierre Schaeffer, any 1950s Rock + Roll artist, etc. But feel free to pick someone more esoteric if you desire.

– the usual: cite your sources, attribute all quotations, etc etc

– submit as PDF by 6:30pm on Monday 11/8

– filename: HRM1 Midterm Lastname Firstname (e.g HRM1 Midterm Smith Jimmy)

– late assignments only accepted in case of documented emergency

email me with any questions. thank you,

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