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Reflective essay Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Reflective Essay:

This assignment gives you the opportunity to reflect on the scope of the course and evaluate your own learning. Pick 5 works by 5 different writers from the course readings that represent at least two of the three genres we covered (short story, poetry, drama). The readings you choose should reflect a diversity of perspectives in subject matter, gender, race, and historical time period. For each, comment on what appealed to you about the work and made it memorable. To what extent did it challenge your thinking or help you consider alternate perspectives? Or, in what way did it express an idea or feeling you already held in a new way?  In answering for each, you should refer to the works you choose for textual evidence as well as class notes and discussion to support your response with specifics.

Conclude your essay with a short paragraph that summarizes what you believe you have gained overall from reading the literature assigned in this course. How might you apply the ideas, perspectives, or ways of expression personally or professionally in the future?

While you will want to maintain a formal tone, reflective essays are just that- personal reflections. Therefore, you should articulate your reactions and responses in first person.

750-1000 words

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