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Report of a mathematician’s work


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The main objective in your report is for you to select a mathematician and elaborate on a body of  their  mathematical  work  in  the  style  of  what  we  have  enjoyed  in  our  course  textbook. You should discuss some of the background and culture of your mathematician, along with a detailed presentation of at least one of their theorems and supporting mathematics.  Your mathematician can be from the time period 500 B.C to the present.  They can be from any culture, country, or gender.


 you may not write on any of the mathematicians Dunham studies in his Great Theorems of our textbook (hence, you cannot write on Euclid, Archimedes, Newton, Euler, Cantor, etc).  There are many other mathematicians cited and discussed in our text book that you may choose from if you wish.  Of course, you can write about a mathematician and their mathematics that is found anywhere in our text book.

Your report should be 10 to 15 pages in length.  It should demonstrate a high-level of mathematical thinking,  learning,  planning,  and  writing.   It  must  be  typed  (word  or  Latex  or  some  other  text processor) or very neatly hand-printed.  Your report should contain the following (and these will form a guideline as to how your report is graded):

1.  A meaningful title.

2.  An abstract that quickly summarizes what your report is about.  The abstract should be 3 to 8 sentences.

3.  An introduction to your mathematician and the mathematics you plan on discussing in your report.   This  part  should  elaborate  on  the  abstract  and  gives  background,  notation,  and context for the remainder of the report.

4.  At least one substantial proof and at least one other solid proof.

5.  Smaller proofs or corollaries or applications or examples.  You may include diagrams if they are applicable and add to your report.

6.  Some meaningful, thoughtful discussion on the biography and life of your mathematician.  You should be sure to address why you chose the mathematician you did and the same for their mathematics/theorem.

7.  A summary and any any questions you have thought about as a result of doing the research on your report.  Comment on any particular curiosities or unusual or novel aspects of your mathematician and her/his work.

8.  A bibliography or citation of the references you used to make your report.  You need at least three references, and one can be our text book.

Your report need not contain any ”original mathematics” despite you needing to thoroughly research your mathematician and topic.

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