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Research Project Assignment at an Affordable Cost


The introduction section sets the stage for your experiment, largely by discussing previous research.  Here are some basic steps you may take:

(By the introduction the reader will have already seen your abstract and have a general idea of your intent.)

  1. Begin with a title that incorporates all your variables. This primes your reader with the key terms.
  2. The opening should discuss the importance and novelty.  For importance, think about the possible results for the experiment and say why that knowledge would contribute to society and/or theory in the field.  For novelty, state how your research is different from research that may appear the same.
  3. Begin with an outline.  Succinctly describe why you are studying what you are studying.  These should be the main points in your introduction. These sentences/points can serve as the main bullet points in your outline.
  4. Argument: You should use between 3 to 15 sources to further support why your experiment is important and your hypothesis is justified.  Think of the first sentence of the paragraph as the reason you feel that one of your references is important to mention.  Support each opening sentence/main point with support from one or more journal articles.  Finish each paragraph with a segue into the upcoming paragraph / main point.
  5. Conclude your intro section with your formal hypothesis and segue into your method section.  
  6. Go back and ensure that each psychological term and/or variable has been properly introduced.  Definitely include conceptual definitions. Also include one or more operational definitions as well if this adds to your experiments novelty and/or importance.
  7. Re-read the proposal guide and ensure that all the ideas have been encapsulated within your introduction.  Finally proofread.  In addition to spelling and grammar checks, ensure that your paper is an easy reading, flowing well and gently transitioning from one section to the next. 

The introduction is the purpose of your research and should not be underestimated.  The research proposal and final research paper are the two biggest portions of this course, and the introduction will essentially be the same in both.  Make sure your introduction gets the attention it is due.Expect this section to be 2-3 pages long.
Method 1. Your submission should not include identical sentences (or fragments thereof) to other papers.
2. Be sure to refer to the revised Student Research Proposal Guide Template (attached).
3. Method needs to be past tense 
4. Be sure you are writing your Method section for a research proposal. Use future tense when applicable. Do not include items that you do not have. For example, you did not “recruit 60 participants”, but rather you “will recruit approximately 60 participants”.
Expect this section to be 2-3 pages long.

Results/Discussion of Proposal For the final section of your research proposal, you will need to submit a complete APA-formatted paper. This includes a title page, abstracts, introduction, methods, results/discussion, references, and appendix  Title this last section “Predicted Results and Discussion”.  Refer to the attached PPT (slides and speaker notes) for information to include in this section. There is a lot to address in this section, but keep it clear and concise. Expect this section to be 2-3 pages long.

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