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Research proposal assignment at an affordable cost


  • Digital marketing and consumer privacy
  • Marketing communication targeting young consumers
  • Public health or safety campaigns: Practices and effectiveness
  • Relationship cultivation through digital marketing
  • The impact of the global pandemic on marketing communication effects and effectiveness

Those are “broad” topic areas, and your proposal should focus on a specific aspect of the selected area. For example, if you want to write a proposal about marketing communication targeting young consumers, you will need to specify a type of marketing communication (e.g., personalised social media newsfeed advertising), platform (e.g., Instagram), target group (e.g., teenagers aged 13-17), and research context (e.g., China). 


  • Section 1: Introduction (10% of your proposal)
    • Provide background information of the topic, state the aim of your research, and articulate the scope of your research.
  • Section 2: Literature Review (40% of your proposal)
    • Summarise, analyse, and compare the most significant academic works in the field of your interest.
    • Clearly demonstrate the gap or problem that your research will address.
  • Section 3: Research Design or Methodology (30% of your proposal)
    • Describe your plan to collect data: Procedure, sample, and measures
    • Provide rationales for your methodology
  • Section 4: Timeline (10% of your proposal)
    • List the stages of the research project in timeline.
  • Section 5: Significance and Implication of the Study (10% of your proposal)
    • State your expected outcomes. Explain how your research project will contribute to knowledge.

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