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Respiratory System Assignment at an affordable cost


This is a graded discussion: 100 points possibledue Jan 7

Discussion #3: Respiratory System

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Forum Instructions

Each student must post (1) substantial initial post with a minimum of 250 words by Friday of each week before 11:59 PM.  All posts and replies must contain at least (2) professional references, one may be the course textbook, properly cited in the current APA format.  Late discussion posts are not accepted in this course.

The student must also reply to at least TWO classmates using a minimum of 125 words per reply by Sunday before 11:59 PM (see grading rubric attached).  All replies in the discussion forum should enhance the discussion and include leading questions. Non-informative messages posted in the discussion forum will not be counted towards the required number of replies for that topic.

Grading Rubric

Discussion_Forum_Grading_Rubric_100points.docx Download Discussion_Forum_Grading_Rubric_100points.docx

Discussion Topic

You are a nursing student who is assigned to a busy medical-surgical unit that specializes in the care of patients with various respiratory disorders. One of your patients for the day is Mr. Jackson Martinez, or Jackie,  a 23 year old Mexican-American male with a primary diagnosis of pulmonary exacerbation secondary to cystic fibrosis. Over the past few days since being admitted, Jackie’s condition has been worsening. During your morning rounds with the interdisciplinary healthcare team, you learn that Jackie’s prognosis is poor and his physician believes that respiratory failure is imminent. After your meeting with the team, it is time for you to assess Jackie. Upon assessing, you find that his respiratory status has, in fact, significantly declined from just a few days ago. As you are finishing your assessment, Jackie’s mom enters the room and begins to ask you questions about the assessment you just completed and how her son is doing? 

  • How do you think you may best navigate this situation? Should you state that Jackie’s prognosis is poor? 
  • Family members are often present in the room during nursing assessments. Is it okay to discuss your assessment with them?
  • We often have no issue stating that a patient is “doing well.” However, Is it within the nursing scope to state that a patient is not doing well? Can the nurse share a patient’s prognosis, particularly when the outcomes are likely negative/undesirable? 

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