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Rethinking gender 5 Assignment at an Affordable Cost

The Prompt: Examining the Representation of Women in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Please select one image from the module and pair it with another image of a piece by one of the following artists. Your task is to examine representations of gender by women and/or gender queer artists in art from the late nineteenth century and the first few decades of the twentieth century. Sketch for us how gender is represented in your chosen images. How do some works of this period think through femininity, gender queerness, and sexuality? Alternatively, you might answer the question, what were some prominent patterns and shifts over time? I want you to focus on reading the images using tools you’ve learned over the past few weeks – consider color, the placement of bodies, what the subject(s) are doing in the images, environment, etc. What do these qualities tell you about how the image represents gender?
*please select a gender queer artist from the late 19th century and then compare it to one the artists named below. You may pick any artist just make
sure to include TWO IMAGES and compare them.
Queer women and gender queer artists from the late 19th and early 20th centuries
Names you might consider include:
Romaine Brooks
Marie Laurencin
Peyter Gluck, known as Gluck (Born Hannah Gluckstein)
Lotte Laserstein
Marie Høeg

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