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Rhetoric & Persuasion Origins Project Rationale


Rhetoric and Persuasion Origins Project Rationale & Outline (DUE THIS WEEK, WEEK 2): Students will select a topic that is a major historical era in the development of rhetoric and persuasion (see list below), provide a rationale and outline by completing the following:

1.   1. Select a historical era of rhetoric and persuasion.

2.   2. Provide a rationale as to why you selected this era for your project.

3.   3. Provide an outline that clearly shares how you will organize your paper. Your outline should include potential examples of rhetoric/persuasive communication found in your era, as well as a clear plan for the paper that outlines the six sections of the paper.  

a.   The paper will have six major sections:

                                              i.     Introduction

                                           ii.     Background and Overview of the era

                                         iii.     Discuss about the development & significance of the era in history of communication

                                          iv.     Analysis of rhetorical examples.

1.   Presentation and analysis of persuasive/rhetorical communication pieces from the era.

2.   Students will present at least two examples.

                                            v.     Discuss the societal influence of this era.

                                          vi.     Conclusion

4. 4. Provide a list of at least three outside sources you will use in the project.

5. This rationale will be about 1-2 pages in length. It is intended to provide the instructor with an overview/plan for the project that is due in week four.

Historical Eras: Select one era to focus on for your paper from the list below. 

Rhetoric and Persuasion in Ancient Greece

Rhetoric and Persuasion in Ancient Rome

Rhetorical Development in the United States

Current Trends in Rhetoric and Persuasive Communication 

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