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Rhetorical Immitation (Immitation & Companion Portion)

Rhetorical Immitation (Immitation & Companion Portion) – Essay is the Companion Portion

InstructionsThis assignment is half a Rhetorical Immiation and the other half is the Companion Portion (reflective essay)

Here is the ALBUM REVIEW (so I would imitate my favorite rhetorical features) I chose to imitate in my own review of it:

Instructions on how to Write the Writing Project/Essay:—————————————————————-This is the Imitation’s Part Instructions:

In 750+ words, you will take the structure of a pre-existing piece of writing and use it to write your own version of that example—you will borrow the rhetorical structures used in the imitated work but supply your own material.

You will have to conduct research to find a suitable text, which (as noted above) will have to be approved by the instructor. A few possible genres to look in could be:

  • cooking blogs;
  • sports writing;
  • comics/graphic novels;
  • video game walkthroughs or detailed instructions;
  • movie or music reviews;
  • academic essays; and/or
  • letters to the editor or opinion columns.


This is the Companion Portion’s Instructions:

Write a 750+ word reflective essay in which you, using the terms learned this unit, discuss and explain the rhetorical choices you made in your imitation. As explained in class discussions, this portion of the assignment should explain which rhetorical features you chose to imitate, how you imitated them, and what you changed in your imitation. Cite and reference the original source using MLA  or APA style.

  • Introduction/Conclusion (15 points): An introduction that introduces the original text and your process/interest in choosing it and highlights what you’re going to talk about.  A conclusion that reflects briefly on the differences between the original piece and your imitation.
  • Rhetorical Features (30 points): The body clearly identifies and discusses at least three rhetorical features that you plan to imitate.
  • Details (30 points): The discussion on which features were imitated is grounded in specific details, including quotes from the original and your imitation.

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