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Discuss and analyze the process of Romanization.


Remember that these are ANALYTICAL essays. I want original arguments and interpretations ofthe evidence. You MUST use the primary evidence provided, but a summary of the readings isNOT sufficient. This is what I look for when grading your analytical essays.  All essays need to be in Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double-spaced, and utilize footnotes.Thesis – Does the essay have a clear thesis? You should be able to summarize the main point of youressay in one or two sentences; the whole purpose of the essay is to convince the reader of thatmain point. Be clear about what you are trying to prove, and let your reader know.- Is it a strong thesis? I am looking for interesting, original explanations of why things happenin history; avoid weak topics that focus on insignificant points or ones that are so obvious thatthey do not require detailed proof.Arguments – Is the thesis supported by a sufficient number of logical arguments and sub-arguments? Inorder to convince the reader that your thesis is correct you will need to present several supportingarguments; some of those arguments may in turn require support of their own. – Does each argument contribute directly to your thesis? An essay this brief needs to remainsharply focused on your thesis; don’t wander off into other topics.Evidence – Is each argument or sub-argument supported by convincing evidence? Remember that primaryevidence is generally more convincing than secondary, and that the most convincing way to useprimary evidence is to quote it directly. Be sure to explain all primary evidence as well. – Is all evidence correctly quoted and cited? If you paraphrase from any source, you must givethe original author credit. If you copy from any source, you must use quotation marks and give abrief citation, either in parentheses after the quote [(Esler, Western World, p. 9); (Tacitus inDiscovering…, p. 55)] or in a footnote. If you quote from a source that is not among the coursereadings, you must also give a complete citation in a bibliography. Note: failure to correctly citeparaphrases or quotes is plagiarism, and I will hammer for you it!Clarity/Organization – Is the essay clearly organized and easy to follow? Does support for your thesis proceedlogically from point to point, and is each point presented in a separate paragraph? Often the onlyway to keep a complex structure of arguments and sub-arguments organized is to outline it first. – Is the meaning of each sentence clear and easy to follow? When in doubt, keep it simple!

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