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Sanchez Family Case Study Assignment at an affordable cost

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I’m working on a sociology case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

http://www.routledgesw.com/cases THIS IS ON THE SANCHEZ FAMILY.

Papers should be 1 page single spaced. Students should use a minimum of two scholarly resources to support their responses to the case study questions. Responses to each question should be detailed and supported with scholarly works. Two scholarly works found by the student are required. Additional resources such as the course text or other course materials can be used/cited, but are in addition to the two scholarly sources found by the student. Peer reviewed articles are in APA format. Articles should be current (2015 – current). This is a social worker perspective. Interventions should be SOCIAL WORK interventions.


  1. Mrs. Sanchez’s own pregnancies all occurred within the context of her low income, frequent separation from her spouse, and disconnection from important supports and resources. How might this environment have affected her pregnancy and birth experiences, as well as the early development of her children? Looking at Mrs. Sanchez through a strengths perspective, how do you frame her journey to motherhood?
  2. Considering Emilia specifically, how do you see the intersection of race and class as affecting her experience with an unplanned pregnancy?
  3. What information in this chapter might be useful to Emilia as she considers her options for the pregnancy? How might you assess Emilia’s current need for and interest in information about her health, her pregnancy, and potential avenues?
  4. What types of interventions might you develop for Emilia? How could your work with other members of the family make a difference for Emilia at this point?
  5. What changes to policies could affect Emilia’s experiences and potential outcomes in pregnancy?
  6. What ethical issues might you face in working with the family, specifically during Emilia’s pregnancy? How would you propose to navigate those dilemmas?

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