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Scholarship essay Assignment at an affordable cost

Your education and career goals.
● Your leadership qualities.
● Challenges to overcome in achieving your goals, including any financial or special
circumstances you have overcome or still face.
● Why do you believe you deserve a scholarship.
I want to have a career in psychology and economics. I want to go to a two-year community
college then transfer to a four-year university to finish the rest of my education and degree. I
would like to be a therapist for maybe a decade than combine my degree that i will get in
economics to work for a company, to help their employees
You can write whatever you think would be good for the leadership qualities

  • I like to let people shine and show their abilities, and bring what they are good at to the
    I’ve come to learn that I can’t let my circumstances hold me back from becoming what I’ve
    dreamed of
    Mental challenges: Having to handle a lot of things on my own has been hard but I push through
    it because I know where I want to be and who I can be
    Being first generation is hard because mt parents have high hopes and expectations and
    wanting to meet those expectations can be really hard mentally
  • Add more to it
    Financially: growing up has been hard expsically with my parents being immigrants. They have
    worked really hard to provede for me and my two older sisters but somtimes it gets hard on
    them and i see that, sometimes not being able to make rent on time or having enough money to
    buy food but throughout the years they keep working hard and so have I. And each year it gets
  • You can also add on to it if you feel like you can
    Why do i deserve the scholorship
  • Write something impactful but not too emotional

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