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Science And Technology Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Research Paper Question – Due Nov. 8 by 11:30 PMResearch Paper QuestionScience and technology impacted society. Examples of contemporary interest, getting media attention are video games and social media. However, significant is the role of algorithms in various fields like social services, health and finance. This paper asks you to address the following thesis in an expository essay that uses a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references in addition to information provided in your video assignments.THESIS: The sciences and technologies have impacted modern American society. One suggestion has been the argument that the social consequences are manifested in the application of algorithms believed responsible for increased social inequality, but perhaps, also, political polarization, radicalization and racist attitudes. Submission:   This expository research essay should:be 6 pages including a title page and reference/bibliography page. [approximately 400-500 words per page] Length will vary with student’s skill at being comprehensive and succinct. So it goes Title Page – 4 Pages Essay – Bibliography use references [articles – Library data bases, Google Scholar]MLA Style at the student’s discretion. 

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